Invasive Species

In an effort to help protect the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes, much effort is devoted to informing residents of the dangers of invasive species and working to control the spread of these species.


Invasive species create a problem by disrupting the normal relationships present in an ecosystem such as the system of lakes.  Invasive species are usually non-native species that crowd out other species.  By crowding out these species, the invasives not only diminish the spread of the native species but also negatively impact all the other species that use those plants for food and shelter.  If invasive species are not controlled, the quality of the lake can seriously diminish.

This site provides more information on invasive species organized into three categories.  Invasive Terrestrial Species includes Reed Canary Grass, Exotic Bush Honeysuckle, Phragmites, and Garlic Mustard.  Invasive Aquatic Species focuses on Eurasian Millfoil, and Invasive Animals looks at Zebra Mussels and Canada Geese.