About Valparaiso Chain of Lakes Watershed Group


We work to defend and preserve the beauty, viability and long term sustainability of the Valpo Chain of Lakes.


Helping the community learn about the history and ecology of our Lakes through shared resources.


We work to engage outside expertise and to develop internal community capacity in support of our natural resoucres.


From family-friendly outdoor gatherings to our annual High School Environmental Debate series, our goal is to both educate and entertain.

Our Mission

A 501 C 3 non-profit organization, the mission of the Valparaiso Chain of Lakes Watershed Group is to protect and maintain our lakes and surrounding environs through education, conservation, pollution monitoring, research, and invasive species control.  We are committed to waste reduction, recycling and the best use of land-use practices to ensure that our lakes remain quality habitats for fish, wildlife, and human recreational use.

Our Lakes

The Valparaiso Chain of Lakes is a system of lakes located on the north side of the city of Valparaiso in the heart of Porter County, which is located in Northwest Indiana.  This extensive system of lakes includes many larger, named lakes as well as a system of wetlands and smaller ponds and streams.



This site contains information on 10 of the larger, named lakes: Deep, Flint, Long, Loomis, Mink, Moss, Round, Silver, Spectacle, Wauhob.


Latest News

Beauty Creek suffers from developer created run-off in Valpo

Beauty Creek suffers from developer created run-off in Valpo

Guest Commentary By Michael MirochnaWith great promise, and nearly $6.9 million dollars of public bond money and $2.9 million dollars of private money, the City of Valparaiso entered into a public-private partnership with VJW Limited, LLC, V. Jacob Wagner, Manager, to...

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