VCLWG Meeting Minutes 11/19/2018 Warren read the Treasurer’s report. Bill motioned to accept the Treasurer’s report as read. Gary seconded the motion. The motion was approved. Bat Project: Several groups are working on getting the bat monitoring project started. Tammy Patterson is coordinating everything. Joy motioned to contribute $750 toward the project with the understanding that at least one will be made available to Chain of Lakes. Gary seconded the motion. The motion was approved. Naturepalooza: This year the event will be co-sponsored by Chain of Lakes, PCCIWLA, and Woodland Savannah Land Conservancy. Pamphlet: We will be creating a new pamphlet and will list the new advisory board members on it. Seykowski House: Ed Seykowski wants to give his house to us. He needs an appraisal and some parameters in writing and then his attorney will add it to his will. We will meet as a board with Ed to discuss this further. Nature Nights: We need volunteers to help with Nature Nights in the Spring. Warren Webb is covering most of them. See him if you want to volunteer. Calendars: Joy and Bonnie are working on the 2019 and 2020 calendars for us to sell. Joy motioned that we sell the calendars for $15. Bonnie seconded. The motion was approved. Spectacle Lake: Andrea is continuing to work on conserving the 13 acres on Spectacle Lake. She is working with the park board and park foundation board, as well as neighbors. Tom Bacula gave his talk on the diversity of fish in the Valpo Chain of Lakes, their place in the food chain, dependence on water quality, aquatic vegetation, insects, and best management practices by land owners in the watershed. He also discussed invasive species of fish and plants, including algae. Tom has been the District Fisheries Biologist for the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife for over five years.