Environmental Violation Reporting

Use this page to report what appears to you as a possible violation of environmental laws and regulations.


Valparaiso Lakes Area Conservancy District – Stormwater Illicit Discharge Ordinance [download]

Indiana Department of Natural Resources – Letter To Valpo Lakes Conservancy District [download]



Construction and storm water management violations

Construction Our greatest source of pollution is currently run-off from new construction sites. zoning, permitting, run-off and MS4 requirements will all need to be addressed. Also see our section “Before You Build

Chemical & Pesticide Violations

f you see a leak or release of suspected toxic chemicals or substances, call the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Spill Hotline at 888 233 7745. If vehicles are involved also call police or sheriff’s department.


Dumping of motor oil, paint, chemicals, lawn fertilizer, road salt, trash, dirt, leaves, or anything else other than clean water into our storm drains is in violation of the law or stormwater regulations. Violations should be reported to both IDEM and your MS4 Coordinator. It is highly recommended that you call and email violation reports since follow-up could be required. N.W. Indiana IDEM office ph. #’s are 219-464-0233 or 219-464-0278. The appropriate MS4 office number for Valparaiso Lakes Area Conservancy District is 219-464-3770. email address – xxxxxx. If in unincorporated Porter County (not in town or city or VLACD District), call xxx-xxx-xxxx.  If in city of Valparaiso, call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Run-off pollution from farm and other agricultural businesses such as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides is handled separately by the Indiana State Chemist. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx and email xxxxxxxxxxxxx Try to take photos and capture a sample of run-off in a clean container labelled with date, time and location. Website regarding Ag pollution is https://oisc.purdue.edu/

Sewage Violations

Pathogens leaching from septic systems or sewer lines should be reported to the  Porter County Health Department, ph # xxx-xxx-xxxx. Also send email to xxxxx @ xxxxxx.

Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Violations

Hunting, trapping violations hunting too close to houses, without license, poaching, out of season, over-limit, illegal species, call and email the Department of Fish and Wildlife


Fishinglicensing, dumping bait into lakes, littering, waste disposal, fishing over limits – for violations contact DNR Conservation officer xxx xxx xxxx.  Re fish kills, try DNR, Dept of Fish and Wildlife, IDEM, or, if agricultural pollution is suspected, call the State chemist office.

Boating Violations

Speeding, operating motorized water-craft without proper license, call DNR or central dispatch

Fire/Burning Violations

Fires, explosions, crimes which are threatening human safety or property – call 911 immediately.

Forrest fires should also be reported to 911.


Illegal Fires in Unincorporated Porter County – call Porter County Sherriff’s Dept – xxx-xxx-xxxx

Illegal fires in Valparaiso – call Valparaiso Police at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Chesterton – call xxx-xxx-xxxx


Burning of leaves, construction materials, trash is not permitted in Valparaiso City or Porter County. (Small recreational fires are permitted and intentional controlled vegetative burns are permitted to those with proper licenses.) Try to take a photo of suspected violations.  Details of Indiana State Fire Codes are available on web site of Indiana State Fire Marshall – firemarshal@dhs.in.gov .  The IDEM Office of air quality will provide extensive details of state regulations regarding prescribed burns and burning on construction sites.

How NOT to install a silt fence

Photo of the silt fence installed on east side of Wauhob Lake in Porter County in order to control drilling fluids from entering the lake.