Guest Commentary By Michael Mirochna

With great promise, and nearly $6.9 million dollars of public bond money and $2.9 million dollars of private money, the City of Valparaiso entered into a public-private partnership with VJW Limited, LLC, V. Jacob Wagner, Manager, to help control stormwater flow and discharge in northwest Valparaiso city limits back in 2019 during the tenure of former Mayor Jon Costas. The development where this happened is better known as The Brooks subdivision in Valparaiso. Since then, the promise has become a nightmare, one envisioned by over 100 people who contested approval of the project, signed and submitted a petition to the City.

Residents of Valparaiso have been demanding answers for the damage that has been done to Beauty Creek from the poor execution of stormwater management during the process of installing permanent stormwater mitigation features in the Brooks development for more than 9 months.

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