Subsurface Water

Portage councilwoman recalls start of her activism

Sue Lynch, 73, lives in Portage with a pair of boxers named Barney and Chloe. She’s also the daughter of a steel worker, the chairman of the Porter County Waste Board, a member of the Portage City Council and a longtime community activist.  [read the full story]



INTRODUCTION – The Valparaiso Lakes, including Canada, Deep, Flint, Long, Loomis, Mink, Moss, Silver, Spectacle and Wauhob, lie in the Kankakee River watershed (Hydrologic Unit Code 07120001) immediately north of Valparaiso, Indiana (Figure 1). Specifically, the lakes are located in Section 36, Township 36 North, Range 5 West; Section 31, Township 36 North, Range 6 West; Section 1, Township 35 North, Range 6 West; and Section 6, Township 35 North, Range 5 West in Porter County. The lakes’ watershed stretches out to the south of the lakes, encompassing approximately 2,560 acres (1,040 ha) or 4 square miles (10.4 km2) (Figure 2). Water discharges through the lakes’ outlet in the southeast corner of Flint Lake to an unnamed ditch. Water from the Valparaiso Lakes empties into the West Branch of Crooked Creek and flows into Crooked Creek immediately north of County Road 200 North. From Crooked Creek, water drains to the Kankakee River southwest of Kouts, Indiana eventually reaching the Illinois River and then the Mississippi River in southwestern Illinois.


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