Proposed Lake Representatives

  • Bonnie Swarner, Wauhob, Round
  • Ed Seykowski, Long
  • Tom Banaszak, Flint
  • Nancy Saterlee, Flint
  • Eric Kepler, Flint
  • Rich Herr, Silver
  • Mike  DeSt.Jean, Wauhob
  • Phil Doolittle, Long
  • Dorothy Graden, Silver
  • John Thorstad, Moss
  • Susan Swarner, Loomis
  • Warren Webb, East Long
  • Jim Rowe, West Long

The above list of proposed names is a work in progress.  The individuals listed have not necessarily agreed to be on the board nor have the members of the Valpo Chain of Lakes necessarily voted on or agreed to be represented by these individuals. If you wish to have your name deleted or wish to nominate others to the list, please contact Walt or any board member.